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Accidental Mysteries

These photographs are just a few from a wonderful selection posted at a favorite blog called Accidental Mysteries. While the author, John Foster, covers a fairly wide range of cultural artifacts I tend to be most taken by his anonymous & vernacular photography collection and folk art. More of the former can be seen here... Surprise links if you click on the photos.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sonny B

from my eBay page
as found in a photo album...

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take me to the water....

Jim Linderman writes and edits several blogs, all dealing with anonymous photography, folk art, antiques and vintage graphics. I first heard of him, as a collector, while his first book " Take Me to the Water:Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography 1890-1950" was being designed locally by John Hubbard and Rob Millis. Produced by the essential label Dust to Digital, it has a mind boggling selection of images, as well as a great CD of gospel music and sermons, mostly from the South. Recently I've discovered several blogs maintained by him, all of which are indexed here... Evidently his visual interests spreads far and wide, and he is representing them all with regularity. The source links for the above images can be found by clicking on them

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old timers

I've spent a lot of the last few months digging around for old photos, revisiting my fascination with forgotten images which began a few decades ago... One thing after another has led me to a semi obsessed state of looking at "vintage" photography again. It didn't take long to realize that there is a bottomless well of images to be seen and held for one's own. Scores of collectors hunt out whatever piques there imagination or seduces their sensibilities. My own path has led toward a combination of collecting and dispersing, mainly through eBay... a great source for finding incredible pictures in a limitless range of types, formats, media and themes. The picture above first struck me for the expression that I won't attempt to put in words... later with the realization that it was perhaps the first time that I've seen an elderly couple in a photobooth print. It's much more commonly a playground for the young and very often for young lovers... now I wonder how many other pictures there may be floating around of this pair. I'm also wondering why I've chosen to sell it, after it's too late to take back. Possibly, a reason for offering it up here, to see on a screen, and here to be purchased along with other gems I've come across... time to share.

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the treasured light

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every day

from Golden Gai, Shinjuku,,, more pics here

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ups & downs

Toy offering left at Buddhist temple...

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choices, choices...

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I'm fixing a hole...

studio still life

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