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the hot seat

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face to face

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Interview with Robert E. Jackson, Photo Collector

A Fluid and Expressive Medium: Interview with Robert E. Jackson
by Michelle Hauser of the Design Observer

In recent years, a new breed of photographer has emerged: the camera-less photographer. This new generation — many of whom self-identify as collectors — has reinvented the process once again: theirs is a practice which might be best characterized as hunting, appropriating and editing to obtain a certain kind of image. Such idiosyncratic makers/collectors have evolved as a sub-genre within the ranks of the amateur, whose collective output has spawned a revolution in the creation of a kind of new, tactile imagery. Without fanfare and well beyond the purview of what most people believe constitutes an artist, this new pioneering practice creates from an already existing body of work.


MH: Do you ever feel like you are collaborating with whoever took the snapshot, or is it yours now entirely?

REJ: These snapshots now exist in my collection without the weight of any of the narrative import that accompanied the taking of the photo. I am interested in the formal aesthetic qualities of the photo and have no interest in trying to place when and where it was taken. Or what the photo meant to express or record. What is important now is what it means to me and how it might fit within a larger typological framework.

Full interview here
12 image slide show here

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love that photo

I was interviewed about Past Pictures for the on line photography magazine

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"these were pinned to a black cloth"

"these were pinned to a black cloth" written on back
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display models

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salton sea

Thanksgiving, 1924

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tokyo flashback

a few favorites from A Journey Around My Skull's

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bulletin board

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Is photography over?

S.F. MOMA poses this question that 13 participants answered...
image above from my eBay page

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double play...

as another season begins, all of the hype surrounding baseball
blurs with the imagination of its purity...

double exposure, real photo postcard, circa 1920, Pleasant Hill, Oregon area
(click for larger view

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Mark Sullo at the House of Mirth

I wrote a guest blog entry called "Half Frame Cameras & the Anonymous Snapshot" for a relatively new site focusing on vintage photography and paper ephemera called House of Mirth Vintage Photos & Ephemera... Once upon a time, I had been using this type of camera which led to my collecting these found images. For the wordier version, click on the above link. If you have an interest in this type of camera and/or antique cameras, I highly recommend looking at these pages on innovative cameras, including half frames.

Stacy Waldman is a vintage photo seller and works from her website called "House of Mirth". I'm the third guest blogger to submit something... Robert Jackson started things off with a selection from his collection and an essay on found snapshots taken through chain link fences... Barbara Levine chose from her collection of accidental photos taken with fingers in front of the lens. In between, Stacy posts on news and findings from her photography experience and will continue to have guest submissions...

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Mardi Gras twins with onlooker..

dated "Feb. 24, 1941"
from my eBay page

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old school bruiser baseball

from my eBay page
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