Friday, January 20, 2006

Eve Cohen

Eve and I went to look at art today. We then happened upon the Grand Opening party at the tasty Vegetarian Bistro on King St. in the International District.
In the photos above Eve, forever lured by the spell of the fantastic, prepares for her "Kinderkunst" show from last spring at Souvenir in Ballard. Please stay tuned to more appearances from Eve's menagerie of flora and fauna.


emb said...

HEY I know Eve! She is my friend. She loves buttered mussels and pigknockers! You tell her she is a sweet little kootie-koo and I love her since she is five years old.

Osculatrix said...
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Osculatrix said...

Mr. Mark Sullo --

Would you do a piece on Eve's costumery too -- from Her Phantom Limb, from the Rollvulvas, etc.?