Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kyoto Market at Kitano Shrine

His shirt says Captain Santa...

After spending nearly a week in Tokyo, I headed for a week of travel with a Shinkansen bullet train rail pass. On the suggestion of Alfred and Thi, my friends and perfect hosts in Tokyo, I immediately headed for the monthly market held at one of Kyoto's many shrines just a 15 minute walk from where I was staying. There's a phenomenal flea market included but, because the trains leaving Tokyo were delayed two hours due to an accident, I just caught the tail end of that. Happily, the festivities carried on into the night while I wandered and was captivated by the local color. Glad to see more of what I had begun seeing in Tokyo... people, and especially kids, having a great time together in groups, good food, friendliness and a lot of charm. Perhaps the most enjoyable time I had photographing, although that's a tough call.

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